Friday, February 17, 2012

Tale of Two Cities

A panoramic story of two cities. Philadelphia,PA and Camden, NJ. While one strives the other is stagnant. Separated by the delaware river. This image tell the story of the two cities. Ironically the best view if from the Camden side. Where the property values are 1/5th of the Philadelphia side. Both waterfronts are beautiful. Its once you get to 3 blocks past waterfront is were these cities differ greatly. This image was taking on the Ben Franklin Bridge. This view is not possible with a traditional camera as it captures and panorama of almost a 180 degree view. Some artistic distortion is used to show the image perspectively. I grew up in Philly, my wife grew up in Camden. I love both cities. In fact my studio is now in Camden on the waterfront. I get to see the view of Philadelphia everyday. ©

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