Thursday, January 19, 2012

Portrait "Sessions"

A little while ago I had the opportunity to shoot Dr. Harvey Snyder for South Jersey Magazine.  I was going thru the images from the session, and realized that in addition to the shot the magazine chose, that there were some pretty good images that Dr. Snyder didn't get to see.

I have this book from a famous celebrity photographer called Sessions.  Its basically a couple camera rolls from his portrait sessions.  Hence my idea to take my portrait sessions and do a collage of images and call it sessions.

By the way, this portrait session took less than 30 minutes as does most of my portrait sessions.

This collage you'll be able to see how the portrait session went.

For social media this is great because you could use a different portrait for everyday of the month and have it automatic update you status when you change it.  What a great idea!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Celebrity Chefs and Great Food at the Airport

Sky Asian Bistro celebrated their Grand Re-Opening with a ribbon cutting at the Philadelphia Airport on January 17th, 2012.  Travelers now have the opportunity to experience fine dining while waiting for their flights.The ceremony featured Philadelphia celebrity chef Michael Schulson andairport management.  Paul Loftland Photography captured the festivities while airport travelers watched and dined on samples of Sushi, Kobe beef hamburgers, and shrimp fried rice.  Here is a picture montage of the some of the images taken at the event.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I just wanted to add some color to this blog.  This is a image taken at Club Fusion in Philadelphia.

Multiple Levels at College of Physicians

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Art Museum Area Brownstone

In November I was commission by Brown Hill Development to capture some images of a luxury brownstone in the Art Musuem area of Philadelphia.  Believe it or not this is the first time that I've shot an unfurnished home.  This by itself was pretty challenging as I usually compose my interior shots based on the layout of the room and furniture.  However this brownstone had such great features my job wasn't as difficult as I thought.  The high-end kitchen and bathroom made my job easier.

I did take some editorial liberties with the kitchen.  The original floors are a dark cherry and the cabinets are a beautiful dark walnut.

Sugar House Portrait

This past December I had the pleasure of photographing Wendy Hamilton, General Manager of Sugar House Casino located in Philadelphia, PA.  I was commissioned by the Public Relations Firm Jack Horner Communications to capture a formal portrait and an editorial portrait for Smart Business Philadelphia Magazine.

The Magazine will be out in April 2012 and they will use one of the images for the Cover.  Take a guess which image?

Holiday Christmas Displays in Center City Philadelphia

This past December 2011, Hoffman Design commissioned me to capture their Holiday Displays located at The Loews, The Bellevue, The Doubletree, The Ritz, 30th Street Station, The Cira Center, The Wanamaker Building and other locations.  Here is collage of the final images.

Wishing you a Happy Holidays and a Great 2012!

College of Physicians: 180 degree view of 3 Rooms

The Rotunda, Gross Library and Hutchinson room in one shot.  This 180 degree view shows the beautiful architecture of this facility.

Technically this view can't be achieve with a regular lens without major distortion.  So you have to make some sacrifices to show the space and tell the story.  These sacrifices are evident in the curved walls in the top and bottom of the image.  In order to make this image perspectively correct I would loose over 50% of the image.

This image was reworked from original images taken over 4 years ago.  I was able to use the experience and techniques developed over the past year to create an image that is technically and aesthetically gorgeous.  Your thoughts...

College of Physicians: Mutter Museum: Rotunda

A few years back I shot some Virtual tours and Still photography of the Mutter Museum.  You can view them on their website.

I had a chance to rework some of the images.  Here is one of the Rotunda.  I'm constantly learning and evolving as a photographer.  There is a big difference in my work from 4 years ago to now.  Back then I took the easy way and processed images using HDR.  I've now come to dislike this style of photography as it doesn't look natural.  Some call it too cartoonish.  I've developed techniques to capture the highlights and shadows without using HDR software.  I feel these images look more natural and realistic.  You can see more examples of this on my website at

This image below is a 170 degree view.  Wow!  But it doesn't have a fisheye look that you would expect from such a wide view.  There is evidence or a circular type lens being used.  However this room design fits this type of photography perfectly.