Thursday, January 12, 2012

College of Physicians: Mutter Museum: Rotunda

A few years back I shot some Virtual tours and Still photography of the Mutter Museum.  You can view them on their website.

I had a chance to rework some of the images.  Here is one of the Rotunda.  I'm constantly learning and evolving as a photographer.  There is a big difference in my work from 4 years ago to now.  Back then I took the easy way and processed images using HDR.  I've now come to dislike this style of photography as it doesn't look natural.  Some call it too cartoonish.  I've developed techniques to capture the highlights and shadows without using HDR software.  I feel these images look more natural and realistic.  You can see more examples of this on my website at

This image below is a 170 degree view.  Wow!  But it doesn't have a fisheye look that you would expect from such a wide view.  There is evidence or a circular type lens being used.  However this room design fits this type of photography perfectly.

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