Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wedding Testimonial - Thanks Nicole and Sean

"When browsing the photos from Philadelphia's top photographers, we found only a few shots from each wedding portfolio that were really great. From our wedding alone, every one of our pictures was perfect-we can hardly even narrow them down for an album! Everyone comments how our pictures look like they are straight out of the finest wedding magazine! There is no doubt that Paul is the best and we can't wait to recommend him to everyone else we know! Paul has a great personality which is very important since a photographer is integrated into the most intimate moments of your wedding day. Even our guests complimented our choice in photographer, as they noticed that he was always in the right place at the right time. Somehow, during a matter of only seconds, he had managed to get multiple shots of the dip at the end of our first dance from three different angles and photos of our toast from ground level and from the stairs above! Paul was prepared for anything-with fast reflexes, he snapped photos of Sean sneaking a peak out of the groom's suite window as guests arrived for the ceremony on the terrace below and caught the beaming smile on an ill grandfather who rarely smiles due to a state of persisting pain. Our wedding fell on a hot, muggy, dark day yet all of our photos look cool, bright, and even sunny! With Paul's creative and artistic gift and his attention to light and color, he captured the energy and excitement of the day with fresh, crisp imagery and delicacy of detail. We are so happy with Paul's photojournalistic portrayal of the beginning of our marriage, archived into tangible memories to share with each other and our loved ones time and time again! Nicole and Sean Armour July 15, 2006 Cairnwood Wedding "

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